Essay Writing Checklist

A strong essay is the key to a good quality and a proud author. It should be properly examined, formatted and edited so that it does not contain errors properly. If possible, essay writers should give themselves enough time to research the topic and gather sources of information. They should also have enough time to read proofs on their drafts in case a rewrite needs to be done. Research

Research is a must for a good essay

Before you start writing an essay, you need to know your topic. If the topic is one to be researched instead written from personal opinion or idea, it is a good idea to do a thorough research on the topic. Always cite information source and take notes on your research. Visit the local library or use the Internet to search for valuable information. Be sure to use quotes that are reliable and informative, like academic journals, newspapers and textbooks.

Personal experience essays or other essays that do not require research, brainstorm ideas in a portable or in a word processor document. Write down some ideas that should be discussed, and take some notes on those ideas.

  • Thesis and Development
  • Essays should have a basic idea.

Some essays require a dissertation statement. This is usually a statement, preliminary claim or argument. The thesis must be discussed and elaborated in the essay. Many essays are written to prove a point and argue an idea. These essays require a dissertation statement so that the reader understands the author’s point of view.

If essay is a personal experience or opinion piece, essay may not require a dissertation statement. It is a good idea to explain about that idea, concept or message in the essay if there is no statement. For example, if an essay is about a person’s most memorable vacation, essay may not require research. However, the author should discuss why the holiday was great and how it made an impact on the person.


Then write the idea clearly presented. It is important that styles have a clear structure. Many professors assign essay length and format, so keep these requirements in mind before writing. According to the Brain class, many essays are written with five pieces. However, others are shorter and some are longer. However, all styles must have a clear flow and structure. No matter how long, the essay idea should be clear. clipart

Essays should have an introduction. State the thesis or introduce the topic, and briefly explain what essay will discuss. Next, provide information on the topic or explain about the thesis. A good conclusion reveals a clear summary of the topic and a strong closing statement. If the essay functions to prove the thesis point summarize the evidence in the summary. If the essay is about personal experience or opinion, write it down so the whole idea is washed out and complete.


Good grammar is needed for all essays.

Once the essay is written, reread it to ensure it contains a good grammar, correct sentence structure and correct spelling. Have a professor or other trusted student read it to make sure it’s clear. Always consult a good grammar checklist, just like the Guide to Grammar and Writing.


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