Proof of PhD thesis

At Student Correction, we also read proofs of dissertations and disputes. We have experience that it is especially in the longer tasks that there is a risk of staring blindly at pieces, words and phrases. This applies to all sizes and types of assignments – bachelor project, thesis, SRP, as well as in English. Furthermore, every task is treated confidentially.

At Study Correction, our focus is always to optimize the existing language’s expressions. So we do, your dissertations will always have the best linguistic expression.

We also have extensive experience in proofreading of doctoral dissertations. We have professional reviewers who all have extensive experience in proofreading. They focus on spelling and typos. Proofreading of a doctoral dissertation is also based on commenting and draws attention to sentence structures in addition to frequently used words. We work professionally with your dissertations and assignments, so you always get the best result for the exam. In short, our professional reviewers make sure that the language is in focus when reading proofs.

We are very conscious of the originality and distinctiveness of each assignment, which is why we sometimes attach a comment to a given sentence, paragraph, or single word, rather than rewriting entire sentences or paragraphs in the assignment.

In student proofreading, our reviewers usually work with a delivery time of 72 working hours, understood to mean that from ordering to receiving proofreading work 3 working days – Saturday and Sunday do not count as delivery days. In some cases, we agree on a longer delivery time in connection with a PhD. to make sure there is time for the thorough review that we stand for.

When writing your PhD dissertation, it is often a very limited task. We therefore make sure to select a reviewer who has knowledge in your topic. So you do not compromise your task when we read the proof.

Should you also write a thesis, a bachelor or a dissertation in English, a well-formulated assignment with a correct and effortless language will make a better impression on the censor. This will undoubtedly make the censor’s overall assessment more positive.

If you are looking for proofreading for the thesis, bachelor thesis or dissertation, you are very welcome to contact us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have. We are both ready on the phone and e-mail.

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Reserve time for proof of PhD dissertation

The vast majority of lecturers at universities around the country will often emphasize the importance of reading proofs of your PhD thesis. It is specified in the Examination Order that in major written assignments, in addition to the academic, emphasis must also be placed on the student’s spelling and phrasing ability.

Against this background, it is a good idea to reserve time for proofreading. In this way, we both ensure an overview: As a customer, you have a deadline to write your way forward, while we at Studiekorrektur get the opportunity to form an overview and ensure that there is capacity for our usual, concentrated proof of assignments. It is also possible to have a continuous review of your PhD dissertation or to have a proof of the entire thesis read at once. You decide for yourself.